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Reach the stars in a Wicked Camper!

Created on September 30, 2014 by Wicked

Reach the stars in a Wicked Camper!

There are lot’s of reasons why people come to Chile. Many of our campers come lookin’ for amazing landscapes and great spots for skiing, surfing or practicing adventure sports, and this is the country to find that and much, much more.

But besides sports and adventire, there is one thing to keep in mind when coming to Chile, something bigger than the planet itself: The universe!

Chile is one of the most important and worldwide known places to observe the sky. That’s why some of the biggest telescopes are located here. Since 1967, northern Chile has been a point of interest for astronomical research, first with the opening of Tololo observatory and two years later, with the opening of La Silla observatory.

Almost 30 years later, it started a new trend in the country: The creation of observatories for turistical use. From that moment on, six telescopes where builded so people can take a look up and watch the universe through one of the most pristine skies worldwide.

In 2013, the Atacama Large Milimeter/ Submilimeter Array (ALMA) was implemented, starting with this a new era in observation of the skyes, with the Atacama Region as host for the biggest telescope complex worldwide.

Good thing is that you can go to any of the turistic observatories (located at Coquimbo region) in your campervan! And, seriously, you should go. Watching the stars and even our milky way so clear is just breathtaking!

Turistical observatories:

PS: most of the observatories have lots of visitors, so we recommend you to make your appointment with two/ three days of anticipation.

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