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Chile, the land of summits

Created on October 06, 2014 by Wicked

Chile, the land of summits

One of many reasons why Chile results atractive to adventure lovers, is because of it’s geography.

Between rivers, woods, snow and even the desert, there will be almost all the time a big (really big) partner in your trip: The Andes Cordillera.

An amazing chain of summits, with volcanoes and some of the highest places in the world, a paradise for mountaineering that requires special equipment but, most of all, braveness.

Let’s say you are right now driving your Wicked- campervan through the roads of Chile. Obviously, if you’re riding with wickedcampers it’s because you came to Chile lookin’ for adventure, lookin’ for amazing landscapes and the opportunities to make this trip simply unbelievable. Well, the key to accomplish this is to climb some of the tops you can find along chilean territory. Let’s see some of the most important.

Volcán Villarrica

Ojos del Salado is the highest Volcano in Latin America and the highest active volcano in the world. It’s 6893 m.a.s.l. And is located at Chile’s third Region of Atacama, where you can visit also the driest desert in the world. Climb of the volcano isn’t hard (unless you try to do it smokin’), so if you want to climb it just go ahead. You’ll have the honor of being up in one of the highest summits worldwide!

The ascent of Ojos del Salado is done between 5AM and 14PM, because of the wind that blows before and after those hours. Remember to inform the police about when are you climbing, the route you are planning and when are you supposed to back down.

Next one is Nevado Tres Cruces that, with it’s 6748 m.a.s.l. is one of the highest volcanoes worldwide. It’s located in the third region of Chile (Atacama) in the National Park with the same name and, even when famous, it has many less visitors than other touristic places at the cordillera, which makes it very interesting for people lookin’ for some loneliness (or at least a less crowded place).

The Nevado Tres Cruces is also known for it’s three independent summits, all of them over the 6 thousand meters.

Another great volcano to climb is Volcan Parinacota, located right at the north of Chungará lake, inside Lauca National Park and shared between Chile and Bolivia. It’s 6342m.a.s.l. And it’s known for being easy to ascend. In fact, it’s one of the most visited volcanoes in northern Chile.

If you are near Santiago and want to make a fast ascend, you have the option to go to Cerro Provincia, in the cordillera. It’s 2750 m.a.s.l and to go to the summit you need crampons and an ax. Usually is snowed in winter and very hot and dry at summer.

Going south, you’ll find most poppular volcanoes like Volcan Villarrica, where you can ascend to the top and watch de flowing lava. The volcano is locate inside Villarrica park and to climb it you’ll need crampons and and ax. Anyway, you don’t need to be an expert mountaneer to go enjoy this amazing volcano. Good thing is that is located very near Pucón also, which is one of the main touristic spots when it comes to outdoor experience.

Another great volcano is Volcan Osorno, near Puerto Varas. This volcano has amazing ice caves, and from it you can watch in all it’s greatness the beautyfull Llanquihue Lake.

Tores del Paine

And for the last part we have Torres Del Paine, maybe the most famous spot from the Patagonia, visited every year by thousands of tourists, and yet not totally conquered. The highest summit reaches near 2750 m.a.s.k. And, like the rest of the mountains there, its waiting for the next traveler looking for adrenaline and adventure.

Remember to always warn the police or competent authorities about where/ when are you going, and when are you supposed to come back.

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