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Live the experience!: Road trip and trekking on your campervan

Created on October 10, 2014 by Wicked

Live the experience!: Road trip and trekking on your campervan

In the last 20 years Chile has become one of the favourite places for people who loves trekking and adventure sports.

Here are some of the best scenarios where you can go walk, climb, pass through almost unreal forests and much, much more!

From North to South things go more and more interesting when it comes to select a place where to practice trekking in Chile. This sport is good for your heart and lungs, makes you burn calories and it will make your muscles stronger. Besides, if you’re rollin’ in a wickedcampers van it will be the best time of your life!

Let’s start from the top. In the Atacama Desert, one hundred Kilometers away from San Pedro de Atacama, is located Laguna Legía, one of the many impressive lagoons the altiplano offers, surrounded by volcanoes Chiliques, Láscar, Aguas Calientes and Acamarachi. Believe us when we say that in some moment you’ll really think about keeping the campervan for you and stay there to live!

Keep going south till you arrive to central Chile, where you have some very cool options too. First, you have La Campana National Park, which is a biosphere reserve located in the fifth region, full of amazing flora and fauna, and were you can walk for eight hours before gettin’ to La Campana Hill.

Also, you can visit El Morado Natural Monument, located near Santiago and known for it’s amazing viewpoint (which you can climb) and the San Francisco and El Dorado Hills; (both difficult but not impossible to climb). The San Francisco requires special equipment- like an ax- because it has ice to climb, and El Morado is considered maybe the most difficult here to climb.

Now, if your are looking for an extreme experience (and we all know that’s what you´re really looking for!) let’s go south… and first of all we gotta go to Las Trancas Valley. This location- near Chillán- offers you the chance to do your trekking on routes that surround the main ski and hotsprings centers there.


Then you have Huenquehue National Park, located inside the Araucanía and full of turqoise lagoons, Araucaria forests and an amazing sight of Caburga Lake. Add to that the chance to go to the top of Villarrica volcano, considered by many as the most beautyful volcano in southern Chile. It’s still active and sometimes you can still se the smoke flying away from it’s crater.

And for the last, we absolutely recommend you this two destinies: Chiloé and Torres del Paine National Park. First Chiloé, the mythic and mistical island where you can go visit Chiloé National Park or Tantauco Park and walk for hours without noticing – sometimes – that you are in a island. Amazing landscapes, green everywhere and some of the best chilean food are waiting for you!

And, as we said, there is the Torres del Paine National Park. Selected by many specialized magazines as one of the most beautiful natural sceneries worldwide (and they have a reason to say it, it’s pretty f*cking cool) and considered by lots of adventure sports lovers like some kind of a sanctuary for nature and for those who are looking for an unforgettable experience.

At some of this places you will need to contact guides, but the greatest thing of this all, is that you can live freedom if you make it in a wickedcamper van, driving your way and staying where you want. Think about it, there are not many humans that can say they woke up in the middle of the night to have a midnight snack with the Patagonia as background!

Anyway, remember to tell the police where are you going, and when are you leaving and returning. Also, remember that adventure is fun, but to do it without the necessary equipment is not brave, but foolish. Of course, when we talk about equipment, we are talking about all the clothes and stuff, and your wicked campervan!!!!

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