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Brody Leven (USA): “Patagonia is my favorite place on earth!”

Created on October 14, 2014 by Wicked

Brody Leven (USA): “Patagonia is my favorite place on earth!”

Brody Leven is the kind of guy that seems to be well aware of the term “Life is short”. He’s not 30 yet and has already been DJ, created his own bussines at the age of 9, invented a free bike rental sistem (while in college) and practiced lots of different sports- from soccer to ski riding- in almost every corner of the Earth.

Brody Leven

Maybe that’s why he’s worldwide known in the adventure sports environment. As a pro winter- chaser, we wanted to know some of his impressions about Patagonia and his trip aboard a Wicked Campervan. This are his answers:

1).- Which words would you use to describe your trip to Patagonia?

B: Remote. Rugged. Cookies.

2).- What did you like the most of your trip n’ how cool was it to make it on a campervan?

B: Traveling in and living in the campervan was my favorite part. My favorite destination was El Chaltén. The ability to see a mountain or volcano from the road, park our house-on-wheels, and climb and ski it was incredible. The versatility was perfect for a trip without any plan, agenda, or designated route.

Bridy Leven

3).- Some important advice to the people coming to Chile?

B: Give yourselves time to be patient and flexible. Be respectful and you will certainly get it in return. Leave bold agendas at home. Speak Spanish not out of necessity, but because you want to talk to locals. Keep an eye on your gas tank. Pick up hitchhikers. Be friendly. Spend money, hire guides, and stimulate the local economy. Be smart and travel savy. Talk to strangers. Sleep in a van.

4).- In ski terms, from 1 to 10, how much did you like the Patagonia? Tell us something about the quality of the snow, climate, and a little comparison between the Patagonia and other parts of the world where you’ve been skiing.

B: Patagonia is my favorite place on earth. The unpredictable weather patterns, remote and rustic nature, and (lack of easy) accessibility are exactly what I want in a destination. While climbers have been heading there for generations, it was fun to see the mountains as a skier. I’ve skied all over the world, but the combination of Latin culture, Spanish language, enormous mountains, dirt roads, friendly people, safe environments, blue rivers, vertical mountains, lush forests, big coastlines, and diverse landscapes is exactly what I want in a destination.


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