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On the road with the king of campers!!

Created on October 27, 2014 by Wicked

On the road with the king of campers!!

Nadine and Gouter came right from Belgium to Wicked campers headquarters in Santiago. But they wherent alone.

There was also maybe the main character in this testimonial, little Leon. His 10 months of life, blond hair, blue eyes and his permanent smile gave him the title of king of the campers in Chile!


While this little fella plays with anything he want, Nadine and Gouter relate to us some details of their trip of 30 days in the campervan and make it clear that they had no problem at all. On the contrary, Nadine tells us “we had no troubles with Leon. We warmed his milk bottle in the car heating (Nice tip!), and even when we needed, gave him a bath on the sink!- she tells laughing-.

They told us the trip was amazing, that they really liked it, that they didn’t have any trouble and that, in fact, they would absoluely do it again. Nadine tells us Leon is 10 months old (my laptop is older!) and that, even when they have allready made some trips with him, they where all inside Europe and short, like a trip to France, so this one was their very first really big trip for the three together.

But, even when we are all about adventure and crazyness (hell yea!) we wanted to know how they felt about safety and both, Nadine and Gouter, agreed they felt absolutely safe and calm about Leon in the trip. Actually, Gouter even went trekking with Leon!


“I’ve never felt so sure on a trip i think!”- says Nadine- I’ve been in Africa and Asia and Chile is much more relaxing, people on the road it’s not agressive, everything’s really quiet! She adds that the campervan was “the perfect solution to travel with Leon, cause we could travel with him sitting among us so, when one of us was driving the other one was trying to make it entertaining or sleeping! And also i think it was a good experience for him to learn to get in touch with different people. It turns out he’s very sociable, actually the waitresses loved him so much they took him to the kitchen at a restaurant!

Finally and before they leave us to go to the airport, they added an advice for other adventurous parents: “Is great to travel with your babies, even better if they don’t walk yet! It’s a great experience! You don’t have to pay a ticket for them on the plane so it’s cheaper, and the campervan was a perfect solution for us! We would absolutely come again, even with another little Leon!

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