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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking at hiring a Wicked Campervan in Chile?

Check this out baby…

Want to know about fuel usage, campervan featurescamping spots or just where to buy good candy? Look no further doods – look below and all your prayers shall be answered…Hallelujah!!

Of course, if you like to talk dirty then you’re always welcome to call our sexy Roadtrip Planner anytime!


Do your campers have an MP3 connection?
All vehicles come with a CD Player and Aux Port (except in 2-seater vans). However for the 2-seater van, you have the option of buying an MP3 radio transmitter that will play songs through the radio.

Can you hire baby seats?
Yes, we do hire baby seats (limited availability depending on the location).

What is included in the vehicle?
Single gas burner (with a bottle of gas which lasts 2/3 hours of use), water container, ice box (NOT electric one), pots, pans and cutlery, we also provide table and chairs for outside and mattresses for your sleeping area. Vehicles are also equipped with a CD player.

Can I choose my design?
Customers are welcome to put in a request for the design on the camper which we will try our best to accommodate if available. However as a lot of our hires is one way it is not guaranteed.

What is the approx. fuel consumption of your campers?
Our vehicules will travel approx. 8-13 kms per liter – depending on speed, terrain and the Patagonian wind. A tank of fuel will cost approximately $80 USD to fill.

Tank Capacities:

•2 Seater Deluxe Camper : 45 Liters
•3 Seater Adventure Camper : 55 Liters
•Premium 4 Sleeper Camper : 45 Liters
•Rooftop 6 Seater Camper : 55 Liters
•4WD MiniCamper :  45 Liters
•Big Foot Rooftop 4 Sleeper : 65 Liters

Which Vehicles are Automatic Transmission?
None of our campers are automatic. All of our cars are manual transmission.

What type of fuel do the campers use?
All our campers run on unleaded 93 octane gasoline in Chile, and on Nafta Super 95 in Argentina. A couple of 4WDs run on Petroleo/Diesel in Chile, and on Gasoil/EuroDiesel in Argentina.

What are the external dimensions of your campers?
•2 Seater Deluxe Camper : Approx. 4m long, 1.62m wide and 1.90m high - Weight: 1.680 kgs
•3 Seater Adventure Camper : Approx. 4.6m long, 1.7m wide and 1.9m high - Weight: 2.500 kgs
•Premium 4 Sleeper Camper : Approx. 4m long, 1.62m wide and 2.40m high - Weight: 1.750 kgs 
•Rooftop 6 Seater Camper : Approx. 4.6m long, 1.7m wide and 2.40m high - Weight: 2.550 kgs
•4WD MiniCamper :  Approx. 3.6m long, 1.6m wide and 2.1m high - Weight: 1.060 kgs
•Big Foot Rooftop 4 Sleeper : Approx. 5.2m long, 1.9m wide and 2.2m high - Weight: 2.900 kgs
You’ll need this info to board the ferrys on Patagonia.

Does the vehicle come with Blankets?
No – the vehicles do not come with blankets or pillows. You will need to supply your own. Some depots carry pillows and blankets from previous customers. You can use these if necessary; however this service is provided as a gesture of goodwill only. Some of our depots have sleeping bags and blankets to rent, ask at booking time.

How long does a gas can last?
A gas can lasts around 2-3 hours. You can buy some in supermarkets and in camping shops like Homecenter - Sodimac.

What are the dimensions of the bed?
•Bed in 2 Seater Deluxe Camper : 1,30m width x 1,80m long
•Bed in 3 Seater Adventure Camper : 1,50m width x 2m long
•Premium 4 Sleeper Camper : Rooftop Tent: 2,50m long x 1,90m width
•Rooftop 6 Seater Camper : Bed: 1,50m width x 2m long // Rooftop Tent: 2,50m long x 1,50m width
•Rooftop Tent of 4WD MiniCamper :  2,50m long x 1,50m width
•RooftopTent of Big Foot Rooftop 4 Sleeper : 2,50m long x 1,90m width

Do vans have roof racks or tow bars?
Yes, we do have roof racks. No we do not have tow bars.

Does my camper come with a Sat Nav?
No. But we advice you to download very good apps: Maps.Me and Overlander.

Is it possible to have internet in the van?
The internet service in the van is a mobile WIFI for laptops. This is only available on Santiago but you can get one in any mobile phone company in Chile.

Extra Fees

Are your rates based on a daily or nightly rate?

Daily as it is based on a calendar days.

Do I have to pay for additional drivers?

We do not charge for extra drivers (up to 3 drivers).

How many kilometers per day are included in the price?

250 daily kms are included in the price (135 clp per km extra).

However, we have packages of extra daily kms so you make sure all your kms are covered in your final price:

  • 50km extra per day (Total of 300 daily kms): $5.750CLP extra per day
  • 100km extra per day (Total of 350 daily kms): $9.500CLP extra per day
  • 150km extra per day (Total of 400 daily kms): $12.000CLP extra per day

(Note that those packages have to be bought BEFORE your pick up, no package can be bought during your trip.)

What are the fees to drop off the van in a different location as the pick up?

The one-way fee depends on the drop off place:

  • Santiago: 320.900 clp
  • Puerto Varas: 320.900 clp
  • Punta Arenas: 320.900 clp
  • Arica: 320.900 clp
  • San Pedro de Atacama: 320.900 clp

What is the remote fee?

The remote fee applies for pick up in Puerto Varas and Punta Arenas when the drop off is in the same location as the pick up. For example: for a trip from Punta Arenas to Puerto Varas, we do not charge you the remote fee but only the one way fee…

How do I pay for my TOLL fees in Chile?

Toll Tags inside Santiago are included (11.900 clp). These tags will cover unlimited use. However toll roads outside Santiago are not covered and are paid in cash, from your pocket, just so you know.

What is the Administration and Contract Fee?

This fee applies to all hires and covers a range of costs including credit card surcharge, reservation costs and contract amendment fees.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

  • If cancelled up to 30 days prior to pick up: 20% of Gross Rental.
  • If cancelled from 29 to 19 days prior to pick up: 30% of Gross Rental.
  • If cancelled 18 to 7 days prior to pick up: 50% of Gross Rental.
  • If cancelled 6 to same day of pick up or No Show: 100% of Gross Rental.
  • If Vehicle is returned early: No refund available.


Can I park the camper anywhere when staying the night?
In most places you’re allowed to park and camp provided you’re not too messy and noisy.

Along Road 5, you are allowed to stay for the night in Copec Petrol Station where you will find free WIFI and showers/toilets.

In city areas it’s a good idea to scout out hostels or campings as some local councils fine backpackers for camping in the street (particularly Pichilemu). But as Chile and Argentina are large, sparse countries, you’ll have no worries finding places to park and sleep for free!

Where do I get info on the ferry schedule?
Visit the site  www.navieraustral.cl  and www.taustral.cl and you’ll get all the planning information you need for your travel.

Can I drive through the desert? Can I drive Off Road?
We do not allow driving in the beach or in the sand of the desert. Liability reductions do not cover off road driving. It is of course allowed to drive on unpaved roads in the South or North of Chile and Argentina (Carretera Austral and Road 40).

Can I drop off the van in Argentina?
You can cross to Argentina as many times as you want if you have hired the papers to cross to Argentina with us (no reciprocity fee – this is responsibility of the customer). But the van has to be dropped off in Chile, no drop off allowed in Argentina.

Is it easy to cross the border? How long do we have to plan for that?
Crossing the border is easy and takes about 30 minutes (depending on where you cross it). The biggest border crossing is between Santiago and Mendoza; it will last more time there (in high season it can take up to 4-5hours). Remember not to cross the border with fresh food in the car as they will throw it away (cheese, fruits, vegetables or meat).

Can I cross the border to Peru or Bolivia?
No, our cars are only allowed to cross to Argentina.

I am travelling on my own, can I join a group to rent a van?
Unfortunately, we do not build groups but you can always try to get some more people from your hostel…


Can I hire on my Provisional License?

I’m under 21 – can I hire?

YES! Anybody over 18 can hire with 18-21 liability reduction options (only van, no 4WD).

Can I hire with an Overseas License / Do I need an International License?
Yes, you can hire a Wicked Camper just using a valid driver’s license from your country. An International License is not required. If you bring an International License, remember to bring your National License as well, the International one is not valid without the National one!


Can I book Online?
Hell yeah – check it out baby: www.wickedsouthamerica.com/rent-campervan/7/book-now

What are the opening hours of our offices?
Our depot is open from Monday to Friday:
10.00 – 14:00 and 15:00 – 18.00 

and Saturday: 10.00 – 13:00

We are closed on Sunday

San Pedro De Atacama:
Our depot is open from Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 18.00

And Saturday: 10.00 - 13:00

We are closed on Sunday

Punta Arenas:
Our depot is open from Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 18.00

And Saturday: 10.00 - 13:00

We are closed on Sunday

Puerto Varas:
Our depot is open from Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 18.00

And Saturday: 10.00 - 13:00

We are closed on Sunday

Our depot is open from Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 18.00

And Saturday: 10.00 - 13:00

We are closed on Sunday

How do I get to your depot from the airport in Santiago?
The easiest way to get to our depot is to take a taxi which would cost around 20.000 clp.

Do you have airport pickups available?
Airport pickups are not available. Most depots can be accessed by public transport, however taxis can be a quicker and more convenient option.

What is the minimum hire for most roadtrips?
Our minimum hires are based on an allowance of approximately 250kms per day. You should let our staff know your itinerary when collecting the camper.

Can I extend my hire?
Depending on availability, you can easily extend your hire by calling +56 9 4207 3790

Please always inform us that you will extend your stay. If you don’t do so, the extra days + a 60.000 clp fine will be charged from your credit card.

Can I extend my stay in Argentina?
Yes, you have two options:

1/ You are in Chile and want to extend your authorization documents to cross to Argentina: No problem, just call us at +56 9 4207 3790.
2/ You are in Argentina already and want to stay longer: You have to cross to Chile to renew your documents. Call us for more info at +56 9 4207 3790.

Can I drop my vehicle off late?
Call +56 9 4207 3790 with anticipation if you need to do this… but we have up to a $60.000clp late return fee..

Can I pick up earlier than opening hours?
No – you can only collect your vehicle during opening hours


Can I change my drop off location during my trip?
If some cases, you will be able to do it but you have to ask us in advance by calling +56 9 4207 3790… but we have a location changes fee up to 350.000clp.

Do I have to clean my van before returning?
Yes please!


I have my own travel insurance so I do not want to buy the car insurance that you offer, is it possible?
Our Insurance is obligatory; you cannot rent a van without contracting the insurance even if you have your own one.

If I’m paying the security bond on credit card, do you actually take the money or just an imprint?
For hires in Chile and Argentina, a bond is freezed on the credit card (which may vary depending on the Liability Reduction you hire) for the duration of hire. Once the camper has been returned without damage or breach of contract, bond will be unfreezed. Bond release generally takes about 5 working days to be processed & refunded. Depending on how busy depots have been, bond can sometimes take a little longer than usual to be released.


What happens if I break down or have an issue with the van?
We have 24 hour roadside assistance available to Wicked Camper hirers. In the event of a breakdown you are to call: +56 9 4207 3784 for assistance and our operator will help (English spoken).


How do I find out about Relocation Specials?
Call our sexy Roadtrip Planners on +56 9 4207 3790 or visit our relocation specials site.


Can I buy a campervan in Chile?
No… yet. Our campervans are still pretty new, so maybe ask us next year.

Wanna Hire a Campervan in Chile?
Well look no further – we’ve got locations all around Chile and the World! Call our gorgeous Roadtrip Planner today (seriously – he’s freakin smoking hot!): +56 9 4207 3790

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