• pick up now! Wanna drive around the south-central zone of Chile? This is your kind of offer! Argentina is just 1 step ahead of you from here! Remember to use the code: NOSECANDY
  • pick up now! Ever wanted to do the Patagonia Run but didn't want take the trip back? Now you can do it on a one wat trip with NO ONE WAY FEE!!! All you have to do is take it backwards from south to north, why? Because we are crazy this month! Only available to Adventurers travelling 14 Days or more. Remember to use the code: SNOWBLIND
  • san pedro selfdrive Be your own guide, drive yourself by the Atacama Desert. Start with our 3 days & 2 nights package and visit the Tatio Geysers when no one is around... wanna rest in Moon Valley? Go ahead!! The rules are your rules.
  • Camper rental Thinking of going on a roadtrip? Well these roadtrips are like shake’n’bake baby..hey’re pre-made with a set price – so you can spend more time enjoying your holiday!!! It's a very sexy roadtrips baby!!
  • world cup baby! Are you looking the best option to go Brasil World Cup?! Well! stop worrying about fancy hotel or busy hostels! We make your trip easier and even more Awesome!!! Rent your Wicked camper in Chile and travel on your own sexy bedroom on Wheels!!
  • atacama desert Felling like a little Desert trip? Then Rent your Wicked Camper 4WD! The best option to get to all destinations with nothing that can stop you! Sleep where you want, when you want or just dont do it! Get on your Wicked 4WD and forget about boring tour guides! You are the boss now.
  • chile argentina The end of the world has changed for ever! Wicked Campers are Finally here to Change the whole "Roadtrip" concept, we are here to give a true new meaning to "Life" and to redefine "Adventure"! Book now and start living what in our eyes is just "The best Experience" of all.
  • rent your freedom Without order nothing can exist without chaos nothing can evolve! Thats why we are always one step ahead of everyone to bring you the ultimate experience! Book now your 4WD with roof top tent and be where no one else have been before! Wild Adventures are waiting for you and your Four "Wicked" Drive. Book Now!
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  • winter season! Powder Heads out there!!!! From July 15th until August 31st you get 30% discount on your Wicked Camper! Book now for your Ski Trip and have the trip of your life! Valle Nevado - Chillán - Corralco - Antuco are some of the Great Places you can visit! did i tell you that its 30% off? Book now!! do it! do it! doooooo it!!!!!

Welcome to Wicked Campers South America!! – Campervan and 4WD Vehicles Rental!


Finally we are here!!

Wicked Campers continue taking all over the world and now it’s time to conquer South America.

Hire one of our Camper vans or 4WD vehicles and travel around Chile and Argentina!, from the Atacama Desert to the eight wonder of the world: “Torres del Paine”, if you thought that roadtriping couldn’t get better, then think twice!! Wicked Campers can take you in a couple of weeks, from the clear sky of San Pedro de Atacama to hiking in the windy Patagonia. Whats in between?? Beatiful Beaches, Stunning Lakes and the most Awesomes National Parks!!! 

Just get your Wicked Camper or  4WD and let the Andes show you what camping wild is all about!

Chile and Argentina are for everyone!!!

Are you the one that want to live like there is no tomorrow ?? Or are you the one that dream as you will live forever ??
Travel free between Chile and Argentina with us
Hire one of Camper vans or 4WD vehicles and travel around Chile and Argentina!
Do you like sports? What about Rafting crazy rivers, Rock Climbing in the middle of nowhere, Surf 5m waves, Snowboarding on a Volcan or Hikking where no one else have been before. Here you will find this an a lot more! From crazy parties to places where the only sound you will hear is the wind modeling the landscape.

Our Prices have no equal! Really Cheap! Really Awesome!

Campervan with a Budget

No hotels – No restaurants – Total Freedom

Rent one of our camper vans for the same price as Renting a Car!! We are the only ones that can say “sexy” and “cheap” with absolutely no shame !!

Rent one of our 2-3-6 seater Camper Vans or 4WD vehicles and travel from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia! Travel back and forth to Chile and Argentina the Wicked Way – Less Rules, More Fun!

We definitly have the cheaper price! compare and see it by yourself, because on Wicked Campers we want you to live the experience!! come and try our 4WD vehicles !All 2014 models with roof top tent !or our Sexy Camper Vans! (2012-2013-2014 models!) all the cars are always under a very strict maintenance program,  we also provide 24 hours road assitance on all our packages.-


Rent one of our Camper vans or 4WD Vehicles! It’s one in a lifetime experience! Book now!!!

Just book your Wicked Camper now and get ready to live the experience.

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