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Welcome to Wicked Campers South America!! – Campervan and 4WD Vehicles Rental!

Southern Chile on a Wicked Camper

Don’t miss this! Take your campervan down south and feel alive! Watch this video and relive the experience of our Mexican friends who shows us all we need to know!

Rent A Car In San Pedro

Live the Experience!!

We have conquered South America, so now you can come anytime you want. Hire one of our campervans or 4WD and make an unforgetable trip through Chile and Argentina!! Drive from the mistic Atacama Desert to the eight natural wonder: The amazing towers of rock and ice called Torres del Paine. In between, visit incredible beaches to surf, go to ski in the biggest ski slopes of Southamerica or drink the best wines Chile has to offer, pratice adventure sports or sleep under the pristine skies of San Pedro de Atacama or the Elqui Valley. There’s a lot to do, a lot to drive through and only one option: Wicked Campers!!

Chile and Argentina are for everyone!!!

Here at Wicked Campers we know life’s too short to not live the real adventure!! Come on this side of the planet and realize there where always a unique space waiting for you. Drive through Chile and Argentina with us, rent a Campervan or a 4WD and enjoy nature rafting crazy rivers, snowboarding the slopes of a volcano, climbing in the middle of nowere or hiking the most amazing corners of this freakin’ cool land!

You want crazy parties? There are. You want to be alone, far away with nobody bothering? You got it. You want the best campervans and an amazing experience? Then go Wicked!

Campervan with a Budget

No hotels – No restaurants – Total Freedom

Rent one of our campervans for the same price as renting a car!! We are the only ones that can say “sexy” and “cheap” with absolutely no shame!! Rent one of our 2,3,5 & 6 seater Campervans or 4WD vehicles and travel from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia! Travel back and forth to Chile and Argentina the Wicked Way – Less Rules, More Fun! We definitly have the cheaper price! compare and see it by yourself, because on Wicked Campers we want you to live the experience!! come and try our 4 & 5 seater 4WD vehicles! Or our Sexy Campervans! All the vehicles are always under a very strict maintenance program, we also provide 24 hours road assitance on all our packages.

2 Seater Deluxe Campers
2 Seater Deluxe Campers for Rent in Chile

3 Seater Adventure Camper
3 Seater Adventure Camper for Hire in Chile

Premium 5 Seater Campers
Premium 5 Seater Campers for Hire in Chile

Rooftop 6 Seater Campers
Rooftop 6 Seater Campers for Hire in Chile

4WD Mini Campers
4WD Mini Campers for Hire in Chile

Big Foot Rooftop 5 Sleeper
Big Foot Rooftop 5 Sleeper for Hire in Chile

Family Rooftop 5 Sleeper
Family Rooftop 5 Sleeper for Hire in Chile

Rent one of our Campervans or 4WD Vehicles! It’s one in a lifetime experience! Book now!!!

Just book your Wicked Camper now and get ready to live the experience.

people who rent vehicles at wicked campers southamerica:


the luscious forests of Lakes District

Tom from Belgium
Ever dream to act in your own roadmovie? No better way to explore the vast emptiness of Patagonia, the remote beaches of Chile, the majestic mountains of the Andes and the luscious forests of the Lakes District than in a Wicked van!


The skies finaly cleared

The skies finaly cleared
Chasing the Dakar caravan through the Atacama desert, and emerging from the dust clouds in a Wicked Van!

Waking up by the forest sounds of the Lake District, at the base of the Osorno vulcano, and seeing the first rays of light reflecting of its summit, is nothing short of amazing... Crossing the high Altiplano roads to Argentina, the feeling of touching the blue sky in breathless circumstances... After two nights of camping at the base of the Torres del Paine massif, the skies finaly cleared and the high granite towers stood sentinel over our lonely camping place.
Driving towards the end of world... there's only one place where thats possible: Tierra del Fuego! Driving the legendary Ruta 40 from south to north was the ultimate road trip experience! Thanks to the Wicked Team!

Wouter & Reinouw
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Come and enjoy a backpacker's paradise exploring Chile without timetables and unlimited fun.



Wicked Campers has many options for you and your family. Wether you're a couple or a family with small children, this is a great option for the ultimate family adventure!



Still have a few items to kick off the bucket list? We encourage people of all ages to enjoy the open road. Afterall, why spend lots of money on a expensive resort when you should be seeing the world? "Kick it before you get kicked..." That's what we always say.

Adventure Athletes


Surfer? Snowboarder? Rock Climber? The list goes on and on. With Chile's diverse terrain, we have your sport covered. Adventure with Wicked Campers.

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