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By the way here are some great news:

You can rent a Camper Van or a 4WD to travel across Chile with us !!


The freedom to sleep where ever you want

Josine & Diederik from Netherlands
For a month we drove through the beautiful landscapes, which changed every ten minutes: from beautiful lakes, through the desert to huge glaciers. It is an excellent alternative to old chickenbuses and crowded hostels. The freedom to sleep where ever you want, for free, is the ultimate experience. Along a clear mountain lake, a wild river, in the middle of a forest, it’s all possible in windy Patagonia

Josine & Diederik

the luscious forests of Lakes District

Tom from Belgium
Ever dream to act in your own roadmovie? No better way to explore the vast emptiness of Patagonia, the remote beaches of Chile, the majestic mountains of the Andes and the luscious forests of the Lakes District than in a Wicked van!

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